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Chris Murray Photography

The highlight of the shoot was when we were doing the nude shots under a tunnel and a group of young boys passed by on their bikes. The boys were shocked and surprised seeing a half naked girl and apologised right away with their hands covering their eyes but then... there were a few turn heads after. Boys will always be boys! LOL.

Artist/Stylist: Lorraine Lorzano
Model: Jill Magno
Photos by: Chris Murray of Chris Murray Photography
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Modesto + Edralene

I never thought that one day I’ll be a makeup artist. I never thought that one day I’ll be my cousin’s HMUA. It was a fun day full of love...


Louie Karl’s Bridal Photo shoot

One of the busiest persons I know. No sleep, no food, no rest and NO MAKEUP TRIAL. YESSS that’s how we roll! Who would think that this beautiful...