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Juan Fidel + Karl

As a makeup artist in Australia, grooming is something new for me. Men don’t get “made up” on their wedding day. I have done male models for photo shoots but not for weddings so yeah, this is a new world for me. Welcome to Philippines, Lorraine!

I find it very interesting but at the same time, it is very fun to hang out in the groom’s room. It amazes me how guys do their own thing as if it is just a normal day unlike in bride’s room, the full attention is on the bride and everyone is just excited and crying.

Bride’s Hair and Airbrush Makeup & Grooming by: Lorraine Lorzano

Photo credits: Team Benitez Photo

Louie Karl’s Bridal Photo shoot

One of the busiest persons I know. No sleep, no food, no rest and NO MAKEUP TRIAL. YESSS that’s how we roll! Who would think that this beautiful...


CIT Photo shoot

Back to where I started: I studied Media Production here in CIT. I worked in TV before as a programmer but then the money wasn’t that great so...