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Cinema Makeup School, Hollywood

Makeup school and Hollywood?? What more can I ask for? Cinema Makeup School is one of the best makeup schools in the world and I am very privileged to have been trained here. The mentors are incredibly amazing and talented. I have met a lot of good artists in the world of makeup, from runway to big movie productions.

The super awesome Howard Berger, owner of KNB effects, (the man behind Walking Dead, Hitchcock, Breaking Bad, all Narnia series, Spiderman 2, Hostels, Kill Bill and the list just goes on...) gave a full on Special Makeup Effect workshop. I am more inspired to pursue character and special effects makeup courses. I just need to do more savings. ;) He also gave me the KNB Effects’ book. They don’t reprint this anymore. He said since I am Aussie and a makeup artist, he wished me “All the bloody best!” hah! Thanks mate! You are superb!

I also want to thank my mentor Nelly for being French haha! (I have this big thing with French and Paris) and for being such a wonderful guru. Her expertise is a one of a kind and her skills are just WOW. Too bad I am not based in LA but you never know. Dreams do come true.

Airbrush Makeup Training in Hollywood

Just sharing the things I learnt...