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BTS: Bianca’s + Pauleen’s Photo shoots

With one week gap between the photo shoots of these young long legged models, I never felt so tired and short! Hah!! Gees I made up models who are 10 years younger than me. Where did the time go and why I never grew up??! Literally!! LOL

HMUA/Stylist: Lorraine Lorzano

Photo credits: (Raw shots) Jeave Gabiana’s Photography

Chino + Maris

Wedding is not expensive, it is to celebrate BIG that makes the expenses ridiculously out of this world! Simple.Solemn.Love Meet my lovely...


BTS: Thomas + Dilanthi

Two scientists put together is a super love chemical reaction. BOOM! Thank you Dilanthi for squeezing in some time to find me on Gumtree...