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Stunning Sara And Her Beautiful Girls

Wedding Hair and Makeup can be quite stressful sometimes especially when doing the bride plus entourage. It helps us hair and makeup artists when ladies follow our pre-hair and makeup reminders. These girls are one of our abiding clients. Hurrah!!

Bridal hair and makeup trial done 2 months before the wedding day. ✔
Girls had their eyebrows threaded/waxed 2 days before the appointment. ✔
Girls were on time. ✔
They moisturised their face and lips every day and every night. ✔
They washed their hair the day before the appointment. No shampoo, just conditioner (I know it's a pain to brush your hair but trust me your hairstyle is a lot better.) ✔
They knew what they wanted for makeup and hairstyle. ✔
They popped a couple of champagne bottles while getting ready. ✔✔

Thank you very much ladies. You made our job so much better and more fun.

For the New Year, we wish that all our future clients will be like these lovely ladies.

Shane x Lauren’s New York Elopement

New York is my favourite city and I wish that I can live here one day. Never would have thought in a million years I would be here for a gig and voila... I just did!! Thank you Laura. You just don't know how I excited I was when you agreed to let me be your hair and makeup artist. The rain didn’t...